Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings

Owning and managing an apartment building means much more than leasing apartments and handling tenant complaints – you are also responsible for the security of your residents. Helping to provide peace of mind for management and occupants, security cameras offer an easy and hassle-free means of providing for the safety of your complex. Security cameras can also help reduce crime, boost your complex’s occupancy rate, and allow you to increase rental amounts thanks to your ability to provide a safer environment for your tenants. Learn more about how installing security cameras in your apartment buildings can help improve your complex, along with a few tips for installation.

Peace of mind

When tenants and visitors move about your property, they should feel safe and comfortable. Security cameras can go a long way toward providing peace of mind for renters by deterring would-be criminals and vandalism. Installing cameras in areas like hallways, entrances, exits, courtyards, and green spaces allows occupants to congregate for communal activities with the knowledge that their safety is a priority for complex management.

Viewing security cameras remotely on a smartphone

For potential criminals and vandals, surveillance cameras in plain view and signage about their use can be all the deterrent needed to stop them in their tracks. Most break-ins, thefts, and vandalism are crimes of convenience that are committed when there is a low risk of getting caught. Security cameras greatly increase the risk that a criminal will be stopped or identified – thus decreasing the likelihood that crimes will occur if you post your cameras in view of potential intruders and post signage. Remote viewing allows you to access your camera footage from almost anywhere, via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Boost occupancy – and rent

Resident safety goes a lot further than just building goodwill between tenants and management. Believing that management truly has the best interests of their occupants at heart regarding security is a major contributing factor for where renters decide to live. Additionally, residents of communities that make them feel safe and secure have longer occupancy tenures. By showing your residents the benefits of living in a community where security is paramount, your tenants will be more loyal to your complex.

Professional security camera installation

Depending on the area and market, many tenants are willing to pay extra for the added security value provided by your surveillance system. When conducting tours and open houses, be sure to call out the functionality of your security camera system and how it contributes to the health and vitality of your apartment community.


There are a few important items that your management team will need to consider before installing your new security camera system. If you already have security measures in place or your project is subject to budgetary complaints, a security consultation can help you figure out how your surveillance system can fit into your existing safety plan and budget.

We offer a free one-hour site visit and consultation to ensure that we can meet your security needs while also keeping you on budget. Our experts will talk through your concerns with you and develop a site plan for where you should place your cameras. Here are a few standard placement tips from our team.

  • Place cameras in areas like parking garages, common areas, mail and laundry rooms, and any other high traffic areas where tenants often go outside of their apartments.
  • Administrative areas are a must for camera placement, especially if you accept rent payments on-site. You never know when a rent dispute or tenant interaction could go wrong.
  • Cameras in entryways and exits can help you track when unauthorized individuals enter your complex. If a thief or vandal enters your property and commits a crime, you will have footage to provide to the police.

Protect your tenants

Security camera systems help you protect your residents, while having a positive impact on the overall health of your apartment community. By demonstrating that you’re serious about the safety of your residents, you can give your tenants peace of mind, increase your occupancy rate, and help your bottom line.

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