Projectors and Projectors Screens in Kenya

Projectors and Projectors Screens

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A projector is like a box with small round lens that makes it possible to project onto the screen. It works by being connected to the computer. Projection screens on the other hand are used alongside the projectors since they make it easy for the audience to see what you are projecting. Projectors are normally used in classrooms, concerts, house of worship, corporate meetings, home theatre and movie. It is fundamental to understand the different types of projectors.

There are two basic types: LCD (Liquid crystal display) and DLP (digital light processing). Brightness of the projector is rated in lumens. The higher the lumen value, the higher the potential brightness.

Ideal Lumen for projectors

Brighter rooms need projector needs projectors with higher lumens. Darker rooms needs 1000-1200 lumens. If you are projecting larger image, the projector should have higher brightness