Telephone System

Techspot Nairobi Kenya Offers everything a small business want in their business phone system. Different Businesses had diverse needs in an office telephone system Nairobi. We provide reliable office telephone systems service and our service complete with all the features and tools a small business needs in a phone system. Additionally, the level of customer support was among the best we found.Our office telephone systems offer combines the best of both worlds. You get a full unified communications solution, that is an IP phone system as well as providing features such as voicemail to email and much more. We help our customers to choose best business phone systems. Either it’s an IP PBX or a Normal PABX System we have very advance team to support your phone system requirements.

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil H2 Hotel IP Phone

KSh6,600.00 Exc. Tax
KSh45,600.00 Exc. Tax
KSh24,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh30,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh16,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh17,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh16,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh26,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh6,000.00 Exc. Tax
KSh18,000.00 Exc. Tax