Panasonic KX-TES824 software configuration – Complete guide

Panasonic KX-TES824 advanced hybrid pbx system.It comes with 3 CO lines and 8 Extensions lines.It can be upgraded to 9 CO lines and 24 Extensions lines.To upgrade the lines you have to use expansion cards.One expansion card comes up with 3 CO lines and 8 Extensions.You can add up to two expansion card in KX-TES824. There is a lot of things you can do on a Panasonic KX-TES824. To use most of the pbx feature you have to install cards like an expansion card.To record BGM or to ivrs,you need disa card.To use caller id,you need caller id card.. etc…    All the card details are below.

Expansion card
KX-TES82483 – This card used to expand CO lines as well as the extension . One card have 3 CO lines and 8 hybrid Extensions.The pbx supports upto two expansion cards.

DISA card
KX-TES82491 -DISA(Direct Inward System Access) card.The card allows someone who knows your extension number, they can call directly to that extension.

CLI card

KX-TE82494 – 3 channel Caller Id card.One CLI card can be use for 3 CO lines.

Door Phone card

KX-TE82460 – This 2 port door Phone card allows you to connect upto 2 of the kx-te7765 door Phone units to your system.

KX-TE82461 – 4 port door Phone card

Voicemail card

KX-TES82492 – The voice mail card allows to record a voicemail for each extension.If you are not on the desk the caller can leave a message recorded directly to your mailbox.

Let us go through the configuration of Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX.It can be configured in two ways.By using a console application or by using PT programming.Here we are discussing on configuring pbx by using console application. Let us make an example.

1 – CO lines 3
CO line 1 : phone number 245654
CO line 2 : Phone number 564365
CO line 3 : Phone number 9856782 – Extensions connected 4
101 – Reception
102 – Sales
103 – HR
104 – Admin3 – Incoming Calls
All calls from CO 1 and CO 2 will to Reception(101)
All calls from CO 3 will land to Admin(104)4 – Outgoing Calls
Reception(101) can call through CO 1 and CO 2
Sales(102) can call through CO 2 only
HR(103) can call through CO 1 only
Admin(104) can call through CO 1, CO 2 and CO 3(All CO lines)5 – Call Block – Call barring
International calls block on Sales(102)
Local mobile call block on HR(103)6 – Call Forwarding
If there is busy on reception or nobody pick the call from reception, CO 1 and CO 2 will forward to HR(103).

I will explain the configuration based on this example.

Before going to start you have to install the maintenance console and USB driver.Then connected a USB cable from PBX to the PC.

Let us start.
Open the software and connect to PBX.

1 – CO lines 3

You don’t need to do anything to configure CO lines.You just have to plug the line cables to CO ports on PBX.
2 – Extensions connected 4

To configure the extension numbers.Go to numbering plan under system menu.Select your extension numbering plan and give a name for each extension.Then click Apply

3 – Incoming Calls

All calls from CO 1 will land to Reception(101) only.

All calls from CO 2 will also land to Reception(101) only.You can see a drop-down menu to select CO lines.Select CO line from there and mark the checkbox for your desired extension.

All calls from CO 3 will land to Admin(104) only.Choose the CO line from the drop-down menu and enable the checkbox for extension 104.

4 – Outgoing Calls

Enabled the CO 1 and CO 2 outgoing calls for Extension 1.

Enabled Outgoing calls for Sales(102) through CO 2 only.

Enabled Outgoing call for HR(103) through CO 1 only

Enabled Outgoing calls for Admin(104) through CO 1, CO 2 and CO 3.

5 – Call Block – Call barring

To enable call barring you have to set Denied codes.In my country, we are used “0” to dial mobile calls and “00” for international calls. Mobile number format will be 0523846732 and International will be 00971523846732.I have added 0 in class 2 and 00 in class 3.Let us assign the classes to extensions.

I have added the two classes to extensions.Now international class are blocked on Sales(102) and Local mobile calls are blocked on HR(103).

6 – Call Forwarding

From feature settings under Extension menu. For the Extension 101, Select type as “FWD Busy N/A” and Destination as HR(103).

Now we have completed the PBX configuration based on the example.If you have any doubt please leave a message in the comment box.