MikroTik Port Forwarding

In order to accomplish port forwarding on MikroTik, it’s recommended that you understand the MikroTik firewall. Once the firewall is understood, port forwarding is by no means a daunting task. You can utilize a process called DST-NAT. Note: Be sure to have a firewall rule to allow your DST-NAT traffic.

IP Firewall Menu

Figure 1

The first step is to make sure that you know what the internal IP Address of the device you are port forwarding. Also be sure you know the port(s) you want to forward. Once this information is known to you, go ahead and open up Winbox and point your cursor to IP > Firewall.

Second, continue on to the NAT tab of the firewall.

New NAT Rule

Figure 2

From here choose the “dstnat” setup in the Chain tab and make sure Port 80 is entered (assuming you want the port opened for a web server).

New NAT Rule

Figure 3

Once you set the port to your liking, go to the Action tab. This is where you will setup the address of your device on your network in order to confirm the port you want forwarded to the device.

Action Tab

Figure 4

In this instance, shown above, we are forwarding to an internal address of and to the port 80, which is the HTTP server. This can be set to another port if the web server on the device is listening to a different port.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up MikroTik port forwarding.

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