How Technology Can Give You an Edge in the Business World

In today’s fast digitizing world, no business can afford to ignore the use of technology, especially in marketing. It doesn’t matter if it is the use of social media, bulk SMS, state-of-the-art communication devices, or the most advanced security gadgets. Technology will do wonders for your business. Growth in the use of mobile phones to access the internet has led to unprecedented growth in the use of internet technology. When it comes to social media, the average person hardly stops checking their phones for the latest updates. As a business owner, you can leverage on this obsession with technology to give your business an edge over your competitors.

Here’s how technology can give you an edge in the business world:

Improved Productivity

Let’s begin with the most important aspect — improving the overall productivity of your business! You see, the use of technology makes it possible for businesses to implement faster processes. For instance, it is easier when analyzing how company staff spend their time and put in place processes that improve the efficiency of your systems. Your workers can leverage task management tools to keep tabs on their daily responsibilities, to ensure they do not miss anything. Another way to take advantage of technology is to make use of an email management system. Apart from knowing the latest messages, you will be able to respond to every message and go back to your other work.

Increased Flexibility

Given the tremendous advancement in technology over the last few years, the way communication takes place between co-workers have been significantly transformed. Depending on your industry, it is now possible to work from virtually any location. If you are out of the office for any reason, your colleagues can still connect with you. Thus, you can respond to a query related to your work, thanks to the use of technology. The company becomes more flexible as far as the execution of business deals is concerned.

Better Customer Service

The way you handle your customers will determine whether your business survives and grows. Traditionally, customers had to physically visit the business premises to have their issues addressed. With technology, that’s no longer necessary. It is now possible to connect with customers on social media or via bulk SMS. Through these platforms, you can inform your customers of any changes in company policy and address any issues they might have. Customer service through the use of technology can take the form of interactive websites, live chat support, and social media customer support around the clock. The use of technology eliminates the excuse of failing to address customer concerns just because the business is closed for the day.

Improved Conversion Rates

Technology has made it possible to better target potential customers. Through strategies such as bulk SMS and email marketing, it is now possible to send out messages to targeted audiences. Think of it like this: A potential customer visits your website, and then they sign up for your mailing list. Email marketing is about sending out messages to willing and ready potentials – those that are likely to convert into customers. If your messages communicate intentions to offer discounts, you can be sure of some of the people on your email lists responding positively.

Learning More about Your Customers

In the old days, a business had to collect information through painstaking methods such as snail mail. Technology has consigned that to the past. Today, all you need to do is put out a social media survey to get opinions from your customers. If you like, you may also send out SMS surveys. When customers respond to your questions, you will be able to collect a lot of useful information. Regardless of your chosen technology, surveys done in this manner have fast response times. In a matter of minutes, you will have results from a representative sample. So, the surveys are both fast and reliable.

Cost Effectiveness

It doesn’t really matter what you are using technology for. Whether it is placing a post about your business on Facebook or using point of sale tech for your retail business in Kenya, technology provides some of the most cost-effective ways of popularizing your business. Unlike other publicity methods, the amount spent is minimal and the results enormous.

Easily Trackable

To know how effective a marketing method is, you need to track the results. Yet traditional methods aren’t that easy to track. For example, knowing how many people walked into your shop in response to a billboard advertisement is near impossible. You have to put out a form which your customers will then fill manually indicating how they got to know about your business. That’s different from tech-related methods. For instance, in each of the emails you send out to your customers, you can put links to your website. Thus, it becomes easier to track the number of people visiting your business by clicking on these links. The same applies to social media. You are able to know which of your marketing strategies is bringing in the most traffic.


As you can see, adopting technology in business is the way to go. It has the highest levels of efficiency and can take your business to the next level. Besides, an increasing number of businesses are adopting technology in all their processes. Why don’t you join them today? And just like always, Almiria Kenya is here to help you with your technology journey. We offer quality IT consultation, guiding you on how you can implement technology to increase the efficiency of your business and boost sales/conversions. For instance, to enhance communication in your business premises, we install Panasonic PBX business phone systems. We are also gurus in point of sale software for retailers. There’s a lot we can do — just contact us for a free quote!