Fanvil IP phones dealers Kenya

Fanvil IP phones dealers

Fanvil IP phone Kenya demand for Voice over Internet Protocol is on the rise. It is true that Fanvil VOIP equipment are able to save time and money that might cost much more if it were not even available. IP is ideal for many reasons. It is low or no-cost calling. It is flexible in that a user since it gives skill based routing, conferencing and call forwarding capacity. The foundation of any strong communication is the network and the VOIP is reliant on the internet.

Fanvil IP phones are part and parcel in fulfilling communication requirements. It has diverse features with modern and ergonomic design.

Brightsource Kenya Fanvil Telephone System

Brightsource Kenya Fanvil System delivers the telephone systems that saves money and time. It offers diverse range of services including customizing, configuring, designing, implementation and integration of phone system.

Why Fanvil?

Fanvil meets varied communication needs of small and medium enterprises

·         Fanvil X5/X5G:

·         Fanvil X3sp/X3P:

·         Fanvil C58/C58P:

Basic Features

High definition voice

Support of varied SIP lines

Auto provisioning options

Compatible with Major software platforms

Call out/reject/answer

Call forwarding

Call waiting

Voice message

Local 3-way conference

Call transfer

Hot Line

Caller ID