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Can Biometrics Solve Data Security Crisis?

Dramatic increase in human dependence on IT systems has resulted in something more dramatic than itself: the amount of data it generates. Other than business and professional endeavours, we also generate a lot of digital data out of personal activities. Facts related with this digitization are mind just mind boggling. Ninety percent of all the […]

Hand Geometry Recognition Biometrics: All You Need to Know

How do we recognize a familiar person? Human to human recognition takes place using their physical and behavioral features like facial structure, voice, the way they behave, move, etc. Today’s life is highly intervened by information technology and digital devices. These devices also need to recognize human being to protect physical and logical resources as […]

The Most Secure and Accurate Biometric Modality: A comparative analysis

During my identity management consulting sessions, I come across all different sorts of questions about biometric systems. People from different background, industry verticals, totally non-technical to highly tech savvy individuals come up with their queries. Even people who have technical background and some understanding of biometric systems, seem confuse when they look at the available […]

Benefits of Biometric Access Control (vs card access)

Up until recently, an employee (or visitor) is issued an access card (aka badge) so they can gain entry to their office.  Offices are normally protected by a locked door (or turnstile) with an integrated badge reader.  When approaching the door, the employee swipes (or flashes) their badge within proximity of the badge-reader. The door […]

Choosing The Right Fingerprint Attendance System For Your Organization

If you are looking to buy a Fingerprint Attendance System for your organization, we’ll guide you in choosing the best. Employee attendances might sound normal but in reality, collecting everyday employee records is a tedious task. Fingerprint Attendance was developed to deal with all the attendance issues, some of which are as follows: Inaccurate time-in, time-outIncorrect attendanceIncorrect paycheckWorkers late to […]